Friday, 28 October 2011

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding (or call diversion),  is a feature on some telephone networks allowing an incoming call to a called party to be redirected to a third party. For example, the third party may be a mobile telephone, voicemail box or other telephone number where the desired called party is situated. 

Forwarded call is treated as out going call from where it is redirected, so both the caller and the person who redirects the call are being charged for that call.
BSNL is providing this facility for mobile users, but you can forward only to local on-net network (BSNL mobile/land line) not to other networks. This can be activated / deactivated either by using call settings menu provided in the phone or by dialing the following service codes.

Call forward can be enabled for:
  • All calls
  • If busy
  • If not answered
  • If out of reach/switched off

Forward service
Cancel & Deregister
Cancel & Retain
all calls
*21*[phone number]#
if busy
*67*[phone number]#
if not answered
*61*[phone number]#
if out of reach/switched off
*62*[phone number]#
If forwarding is deactivated using a command with a single "#" (refer cancel & retain column), then later it will be possible to re-activate this forwarding again with a simple "*" command (refer reestablish column), without a phone number in it. The forwarding will be re-activated to the number registered in the network.

Additionally, it is possible to set the number of seconds the phone will ring before forwarding . This is specified by inserting **XX" prior to the final "#" of the forwarding command ."XX" is the number of seconds in increments of 5 seconds.

For example, forwarding on no-answer can be set with:
*61*[phone number]**[seconds]#

In BSNL there is a limit of not more than 30 seconds before forwarding (i.e. "XX" can only be 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30; all greater values, like 45 and 60, will result in the forwarding command being rejected and an error message returned).

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